HIPP Heidelbeer Reiswaffein(HiPP Organic Blueberry Rice Cakes)


Organic Blueberry Rice Cakes 35 g

Organic rice with organic apple juice & organic blueberry puree, with no added sugar, from the 8th month

Product description for Hipp Organic Blueberry Rice Cakes

Hipp Organic Blueberry Rice Cakes:

HiPP blueberry rice cakes are made of puffed rice and organic also contain organic blueberry puree and organic apple juice. So they are naturally mild and at the same time have a fruity delicate taste.
The small round shape is ideal for small hands - whether at home or on the road. From the 8th month.

  • with no added sugar - ingredients naturally contain sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% organic rice
  • with organic blueberry puree
  • with organic apple juice
  • Vitamin B1 *
  • no added flavors

* Required by law in Kids Knabberprodukten


Organic rice, organic apple juice concentrate, organic brown rice, organic blueberry puree, organic carrot juice concentrate.

Storage & Use Conditions

Store dry at room temperature. Opened package airtight (best with a clip) close.

Important Product Information

Important for Your Baby: of swallowing! ? Generally not giving rice cakes while lying down. ? Please supervise your child's nibbling. ? Pay attention to regular dental care from 1 denticles.