HiPP Babysanft Milk Lotion

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  • HiPP Milk Lotion nourishes with natural organic almond oil and donates rich moisture. 
  • It is rapidly absorbed and preserved the skin soft and gentle baby.
  • Ideal for gentle care of adult skin.
  • Sensitive:. Without paraffin oil and developed by Allergy minimize risks, with a slight scent - free of allergy-suspicious perfumes *, free of essential oils, free of PEG emulsifiers, free of parabens, free from animal raw materials, free from micro-plastic particles 
  • gem *. Cosmetic VO
  • HiPP's very high reputation among parents, doctors and delivery nurses is the result of the company's guideline " The best from nature. The best for nature". The traditional German company with an experience of more than 100 years follows the strict policy to only use the best and safest ingredients for any product that is intended to be for a baby or toddler. All natural ingredients are from certified organic farming (German certification) and the company will never use any genetically modified or enhanced additives in child care products or baby food. The HiPP Baby Sanft Gentle Shampoo is one of their fabulous products. As part of their "Baby Sanft" line it provides intensive care for baby's sensitive scalp. It's soap-free and exceptional mild to the eye. It's a great Shampoo not just for babies but for the whole family ! It was developed under the maxim to minimize any allergy risks to the lowest. Therefor it doesn't contain mineral oil, no essential oils (because some of them are suspected to cause allergies), without certain scents that are suspected to cause allergies, no colorants, no parabens, no preservatives, no animal ingredients, no soap & no PEG emulsifiers. Its exceptional skin-friendliness is dermatologically tested & approved.