Hipp Bio-Fenchel-Tee


Happy Tooth for HiPP teas

Products Organic Fennel tea in tea bags, the extract teas Baby wellbeing tea and Baby Fennel Tea and isomaltulose Teas HiPP Chamomile tea HiPP Fennel Tea, HiPP Fruit Rooibos Tea, HiPP fruits and lemon balm tea and hibiscus tea HiPP Fruit been proven as a tested tooth-friendly. This was confirmed in a scientific test.

Organic Fennel Tea

  • 20x1,5g
  • sugar free
  • tested zahnfreundlich
  • beneficial and digestible
  • Fennel has always been used in baby food
  • Gluten Free
  • without added flavorings,
  • strictly controlled for pollutants
  • With ingredients from organic production